The small group format of Torque classes allows you to receive proper and individualized instruction from a CrossFit Certified Trainer. Our coaches:

  • Provide individualized instruction

  • Observe your movements to ensure efficiency and safety

  • Design long-term fitness programs to keep you interested, motivated, and on track toward your goals

Personalized Programming

Functional Strength Training

Agility & Flexibility

Camaraderie & Support

Reduced Injury


Class Format:

  • Warm-up

  • Skill work
  • Workout of the day
  • Flexibility/mobility


  • Power lifting
  • Olympic weight lifting
  • Gymnastics
  • Bodyweight movements

Functional Movements:

  • Do common activities uncommonly well
  • Improve body awareness
  • Constant variation
  • Do daily tasks more efficiently

Exceed Your Fitness Goals

We have a team of coaches who are here to help you exceed your health and fitness goals



Mandy Weaver

I grew up in a small, Eastern Oregon town where, to fight boredom, I played every sport that was available to me. In elementary and middle school, I was the only female player on the football and baseball teams. But being the only girl did not stop me from wanting to beat the boys in all of the conditioning drills. Which secretly when I train and workout my objective is still to move faster than my male counterparts.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Health, a Masters Degree in Education, and I have taught high school health and physical education since 2002, and I still teach part time at Cleveland High School as a weight training/CrossFit Teacher. I have been training as a CrossFit athlete since 2010 and I incorporate the concept of constantly varied, functional movements into my group classes. Since April of 2012, I have been training clients at Torque to become stronger moms, dads, sons, daughters, and grandmothers. I am certified as a CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2 and a CrossFit Kids coach.

As a coach I believe that an athlete’s mind can be both your greatest strength and your greatest weakness. I believe that the power of the mind can overcome physical pain. I often tell my clients to “work hard NOW because you can’t work hard later.” My goal is to train my clients so they never leave Torque thinking, “I wish I had done more.” I encourage my clients to give all that they can in each moment and trust that they did their best.

Steph Cohee

Fitness has always played a role in my life. I was always active as a kid playing all kinds of sports and enjoying the outdoors in Oregon. After high-school I joined the Army where I was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division in North Carolina. This is where Manifest Athletics got its namesake. Before jumping out of the planes we were considered part of the shipping list, the manifest.

After getting out of the Army I moved back to Oregon (home). I started working for a big box gym as a mechanic. This is where I developed my passion for fitness as a way of life. In 2010 I found CrossFit and I knew that this was something I could do for a lifetime. In 2012 I started coaching CrossFit and in 2014 I started Manifest Athletics as my personal training business.

My coaching style:
As a CrossFit coach I try to make the workouts fun. I also try to explain the movements and repetition scheme in a way that is easily understood. Offering cues in different ways for different athletes. Not all of us can do all the moments perfectly or Rx, but all of us can CrossFit.

As a personal trainer I have a wide variety of coaching styles suited for my wide variety of clientele. For me this is one of the biggest joys of personal training. Working with many types of personal exercise needs to set and achieve goals, maintain active lifestyles, recover from injuries, and prevent injuries. The benefits of exercise are endless.

I have worked with clients who have wanted a handful of training sessions as an intro into Crossfit. My clients goals are varied and included hiking Mt. Adams, learning how to do Olympic Weightlifting, and be able to balance on one leg for longer than :30 seconds.

I love being a personal trainer and I love people. Being a coach and a trainer is way more than a job, for me it is a lifelong passion.

Adam MacPherson

I have always been driven to work with people and improve their physical condition through therapy and training. In high school I was a volunteer PE coach for fellow students with physical and mental disabilities. I played sports like baseball and football, which definitely require skill, coordination, and agility.

I was a high school cheerleader for two years. Lifting my partner over head and combining teammates to form pyramids created power, strength and stamina. I trained for these sports and played them to the best of my abilities. After my third sport-related shoulder dislocation and two separate therapy programs, I required surgery. Impressed by the skills of my therapist, I pursued Physical Therapy after graduating high school. While in school studying PT, I discovered Orthotics & Prosthetics (Orthotics is assisting, supporting, and correcting joints in the body with bracing. Prosthetics is limb replacement.) I now have 17 years of experience as a Certified Orthotic clinician (CO.)

Throughout high school and college I kept up with resistance training for exercise. In the gym I met several bodybuilders who encouraged me to try the sport. I trained and competed in two bodybuilding competitions. Loved the physique and the challenge, but it was not a life-long fitness program.

Although bodybuilding was not for me, I still enjoyed cardio and heavy resistance training. My next adventures were in the outdoors. I have enjoyed racing mountain and road bikes. I love rock climbing and martial arts. Winter brings fantastic sports like skiing and snowboarding. I did my first triathlon in 2011. I performed well… even better than I anticipated and I owe it to my conditioning. I absolutely love exercise and sport!

I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) as well as a Level one CrossFit Instructor (CF-L1). As a health care provider and coach the goal of getting people back to their lives with independence, stability, balance, and confidence excites me.
Maintaining good physical fitness while avoiding injury should be top priority as we get older. Correct body mechanics, along with flexible and strong musculature, is a winning combination for our bodies. This combination builds confidence in our ability to perform each day, especially as we age. I want to help you attain general physical preparedness through sound programs designed to maintain health throughout your years.

Do Nguyen

Do was born and raised in southern California and started climbing in 2004. He has taught climbing and personal training for 8 years. Do hopes to share his passion for training and community with his new home here in Portland. He can normally be found lurking around Torque or the local climbing gyms.

Bradi Ross

I grew up in the Southwestern U.S., and moving around as much as I did encouraged me to always try something new since it really was all new. As a child, I did a great deal of horseback riding on my family’s cattle ranch in the White Mountains of Arizona.

I loved working on the ranch, and I took every opportunity to prove that I could do just as much as any of the boys in my family. I still do. I didn’t play many sports, but I loved being active. I loved to roller skate by the beach when I lived in Southern California, hike the mountains in Northern Arizona when I was in college, and learn new skills whenever I got the chance.

I learned how to run for pleasure after years of hating it, how to roller blade which I am horrible at, and how to hula hoop dance because why not. Eventually I taught high school English in Arizona, but my husband and I decided to make our way to Portland. I worked in Social Services for a few years until we had children, and then I became a stay at home mom which was by far the most challenging job I’ve had to this very day.

Unfortunately my health suffered from two difficult pregnancies, so I turned to yoga for rehabilitation. After regaining my balance both on and off the mat, I decided to merge my newfound love of yoga with my teaching background, so I enrolled in a course to do yoga teacher training. After I was certified, I taught for about 7 years in various settings. And then it was time to go back to teaching in a classroom setting. I became a Middle School History teacher, and I started strength training at CrossFit TS. Yoga is a good counterbalance to the strength and conditioning that CrossFit provides. The practice I teach is focused on helping the athletes at CrossFit TS gain the flexibility they need to reach their goals. It’s exactly the type of yoga I want to do personally: relaxed, fun, and sweaty.

Jesse Dammann

I started CrossFit training at Cleveland High School. The high variety of movements and vast scalability caught my attention early on.

The past few years I have been focusing on improving my Weightlifting movements; currently chasing the University Nationals qualifying total.

My goal as a coach is to get clients interested in movement and promote a longevity based approach to athleticism.

Exceed Your Fitness Goals

We have a team of coaches who are here to help you exceed your health and fitness goals