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If you have ever been curious about High Intensity Training NOW IS THE TIME to try it out. Sign up solo or get a friend to join you in this life changing fitness adventure. When you sign up for your first 30 days at Torque Strength you will have access to:

  • Unlimited access to high intensity training, Yoga, and Boxing/Striking classes.
  • 3 private on-boarding sessions with one of our highly trained Coaches

Torque Strength is for everybody, not just the elite athlete.

No matter your fitness level, constantly varied functional movements will get you into the best shape of your life!

Torque workouts are designed to achieve whole body strength and train with practical movements that will help you in every aspect of your life. At Torque Strength we are here to encourage each other, train hard and have fun doing it. Every exercise can be scaled or modified to fit your current fitness level.

We will meet you at your level. Every movement can be adjusted for injury and ability, so don’t let that hold you back from joining us! We have members aging from 10 to 70!



At Torque Strength, you will be challenged and supported by our team of coaches to help you exceed your health and fitness goals.


Torque is a fitness studio committed to providing a personalized, functional training program for each member. Your program will address any physical limitations or challenges you may have and help you build the strength, agility, and flexibility you need to perform real-life tasks more efficiently and avoid injury, no matter your age or skill level.



“All of the coaches at Torque Strength, have created a great community. The workouts are challenging and can easily be modified for all abilities. Everyone is so encouraging and always having fun while working hard. #StrongerEveryday”
– Christa & Sean Pickel

“Torque Strength is the perfect place to learn new skills and push yourself to reach new goals. Regardless of what you do from 9-5, you’re an athlete when you walk in the door of Torque Strength. Small classes, individualized coaching, and a supportive group of other members makes it genuinely fun to get into the best shape of your life.”
– Sean Hughey

“Being a member of Torque has been a life changing experience for me… I have a newfound confidence and strength that has carried over to my daily life. The coaches are inspiring and conscious about safety and the community is so supportive.”
– Anne Hogan

“This place is amazing; wonderful/challenging WODS and a fantastic community. A great place to push yourself to something more while being a part of something extraordinary.”
– Christine Hotchkin



Mandy Weaver

“I encourage my clients to give all that they can in each moment and trust that they did their best.”

Adam MacPherson

“I want to help you attain general physical preparedness through sound programs designed to maintain health throughout your years.”

Jesse Dammann

“My goal as a coach is to get clients interested in movement and promote a longevity based approach to athleticism.”

Leah Cabler

“My coaching life began in response to my love affair of Functional Fitness that began in the fall of 2010. My mission as a coach and yoga teacher is to be present and encouraging with each athlete. Coaching is never boring, I’m always amazed at the endless possibilities of each individual. I believe Torque Strength specifically is a great place for any athlete to feel safe and included no matter what their skill level is. The adventure never ends!”

Kim Wilson

I grew up playing volleyball, but never knew my inner drive for competition until I was in my 20’s. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 20 years old, and the only thing that helped was exercise. I began running on the treadmill, then quickly became interested in training for races.

Over the years, I have run a variety of distances from 5k to 50k, road and trail races.
In my late 20’s I discovered lifting weights and the love of pushing myself has not stopped.

I found Functional Fitness in 2018, and six months later became a L1 Certified Coach and in 2019, I became a certified Functional Fitness Kid’s Coach.

I love coaching and watching athlete’s find their true potential and their inner fight. Throughout my life I have enjoyed working with people, and have fallen in and out of the health industry.
As a Health Coach and Functional Fitness Coach – I strive to help people achieve their goals and discover their inner wisdom and fullest potential. I find inspiration watching the human body pushed to its limits.

I enjoy my time in nature trail running, mountain biking, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, camping, paddle boarding and watching my daughter play soccer.

Nic Navarro

My love for Functional Fitness started at Cleveland High School. The intensity and competitive environment intrigued me. During my senior year, I took a second Functional Fitness class to mentor and that’s where I discovered my passion for coaching. I loved helping people learn and stay healthy. In 2019, I became an L1 Certified Coach and have been coaching ever since.

Brooke Arias

My introduction to yoga came from an attempt to fill an easy credit while in college and the only thing I resonated with at the time was falling asleep in Savasana. Several years later after many Rodney Yee home videos [yes that good ‘ol VHS] and learning to find my groove from the beautiful guidance of Tiffany Cruikshank, Shaney Aalbers, and Chia Raefelson, I fell in love with the practice, making it a staple for my psyche as I rode the tedious roller coaster of medical training.

Having practiced yoga for over 20 years, being on my mat all over the globe, and experiencing the highs and lows of choosing a career in emergency medicine, I decided to take on the journey of yoga teacher training and do it while living in London. It would be a life changing experience giving new perspectives on how to create more personal balance and learning to truly connect the breath to the body. My style is that of the giants who’ve come before me. A mixture of calm, grounding, hands on nourishment to guide one by moving the body to the rhythm of the breath and capturing the magic in our time together.

Kira Swinth

I have spent much of my life in athletic spaces. I grew up playing basketball and softball and later joined the cross country and lacrosse teams in high school. Despite this, I never felt truly connected to my physical health until I entered the Functional Fitness scene in 2016. It was here that I learned to love fitness; I learned how to connect with my body and health, both physically and mentally, and I met some of my best friends in the process.

Functional Fitness’s transformative influence on my life inspired me to pursue coaching. As a coach, it is my greatest joy to share my love for fitness with others. I worked as a running coach all throughout high school, and in February of 2020, I became a Level 1 Functional Fitness trainer. My foundational belief as a coach is to celebrate every athlete I have the opportunity to work with. Just like in every aspect of my life, I am excited to learn and grow as a coach!

Outside of the gym, I love to go on long walks and runs, listen to podcasts, play board games, discover new parks in Portland, and eat delicious food! I can’t wait to chat about some of your favorite things and help you on your fitness journey. See you in the gym!

Lanie Neher

I was introduced to fitness during my freshman year at Cleveland High School by my older sister. She had previously been part of the program and encouraged me to join, despite my hesitation. Although I was initially very nervous that I would not be strong enough to keep up with my classmates, being in that environment turned out to be the best decision of my life. That same year, I was so inspired to stay active that I joined the cross country and lacrosse teams. Through fitness, I was able to feel good about my health but, most importantly, it prepared me for a lifetime of fitness.

I am now a junior at University of Oregon where I have been a member of the Olympic Weightlifting Club for 2 years. My goal as an athlete is to compete at University Nationals before graduating from college. I am also a functional fitness and weightlifting coach at Webfoot Strength and Conditioning (Eugene) and Torque Strength and Conditioning (Portland). As a coach, my goal is to help everyone feel confident in and out of the gym, because we are all strong and beautiful human beings. I believe that fitness has the ability to change lives; it is my duty as a coach to ensure equitable access to fitness and an environment to thrive.

Exceed Your Fitness Goals

We have a team of coaches who are here to help you exceed your health and fitness goals