30 DAYS for $30

If you have ever been curious about CrossFit ​NOW IS THE TIME​ to try it out. Sign up solo or get a friend to join you in this life changing fitness adventure. When you sign up for your f​irst 30 days at CrossFit TS​ you will have access to:
• Unlimited access to CrossFit, Yoga, and Boxing/Striking classes.
• 3 private on-boarding sessions with one of our highly trained CrossFit Coaches

CrossFit is for everybody, not just the elite athlete.

No matter your fitness level, CrossFit will get you into the best shape of your life!

CrossFit workouts are designed to achieve whole body strength and train with practical movements that will help you in every aspect of your life. At CrossFit TS we are here to encourage each other, train hard and have fun doing it. Every exercise can be scaled or modified to fit your current fitness level.. We will meet you at your level. Every movement can be adjusted for injury and ability, so don’t let that hold you back from joining us! We have have members aging from 10 to 70!​



At CrossFit TS, you will be challenged and supported by our team of coaches to help you exceed your health and fitness goals.


Torque is a fitness studio committed to providing a personalized, functional training program for each member. Your program will address any physical limitations or challenges you may have and help you build the strength, agility, and flexibility you need to perform real-life tasks more efficiently and avoid injury, no matter your age or skill level.




“All of the coaches at CrossFit TS, have created a great community. The workouts are challenging and can easily be modified for all abilities. Everyone is so encouraging and always having fun while working hard. #StrongerEveryday”
– Christa & Sean Pickel

“CrossFit TS is the perfect place to learn new skills and push yourself to reach new goals. Regardless of what you do from 9-5, you’re an athlete when you walk in the door of CrossFit TS. Small classes, individualized coaching, and a supportive group of other members makes it genuinely fun to get into the best shape of your life.”
– Sean Hughey

“Being a member of Torque has been a life changing experience for me… I have a newfound confidence and strength that has carried over to my daily life. The coaches are inspiring and conscious about safety and the community is so supportive.”
– Anne Hogan

“This place is amazing; wonderful/challenging WODS and a fantastic community. A great place to push yourself to something more while being a part of something extraordinary.”
– Christine Hotchkin



Mandy Weaver

“I encourage my clients to give all that they can in each moment and trust that they did their best.”

Adam MacPherson

“I want to help you attain general physical preparedness through sound programs designed to maintain health throughout your years.”

Jesse Dammann

“My goal as a coach is to get clients interested in movement and promote a longevity based approach to athleticism.”

Leah Cabler

“My coaching life began in response to my love affair of CrossFit that began in the fall of 2010. My mission as a coach and yoga teacher is to be present and encouraging with each athlete. Coaching is never boring, I’m always amazed at the endless possibilities of each individual. I believe CrossFit TS specifically is a great place for any athlete to feel safe and included no matter what their skill level is. The adventure never ends!”


Exceed Your Fitness Goals

We have a team of coaches who are here to help you exceed your health and fitness goals